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Letter of Support: African American Family Protection Act

African American Family Preservation Act Support

The DFL Feminist Caucus strongly supports the African American Family Preservation Act (HF 1151 Agbaje/SF 843 Champion). The DFL Feminist Caucus continues to support, advocate and promote the health, safety, human rights, and improved socioeconomic and political conditions of all people in their life and communities through the elimination of sexism in accordance with the Principles of the Caucus

While there has been much progress in eliminating racial disparities, there remains a long road ahead to a society free of unjust discrimination. One of the most shocking disparities in Minnesota is the disparate outcome for African American children in state child protection systems. Not only are African American families more likely to be the subject of child protection interventions, but they are more likely to be separated by the state during the process. This unequal treatment comes at a high cost to African American children and families.

The DFL Feminist Caucus supports the African American Family Protection Act to address this long-standing inequity. The Act would prevent unnecessary separation of children from their families by establishing minimum standards that consider children's best interests. It would also create an African American Child Welfare Advisory Council and an African American Child Wellbeing Department within the Department of Human Services. In addressing the needs of African American families, cases would be reviewed by a specialist in the disproportionate use of child welfare laws. The Act would also require competency training in African American culture for child protection workers.

The African American Family Preservation Act aims to protect the best interest of African American children and promote the stability of African American families. Therefore, the DFL Feminist Caucus strongly supports the legislature to pass it.

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